#nowarua Alpha for Ukraine Charitable contributions are accepted to confront the war in Ukraine. We seek peace! Everyone's help is important.
The funds will be used to buy medicines and provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainian army soldiers
We received requests from caring citizens from the Russian Federation and Belarus who want to help but cannot because of the blocking of the resource in their country. Anyone can use these donation wallets: Bitcoin: 17C2r2Bfcs6b9oZL5gAXhKFrc8nDgvLsjN USDT ERC20: 0x30fa71e3fac1652fd9a241a1d7a801aad1b28b0b USDT TRC20: TRQT7YKXqVpm4MfJS9V3HwC52LeSjRwQou Ethereum: 0x30fa71e3fac1652fd9a241a1d7a801aad1b28b0b
The funds will be used to buy medicines and provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainian army soldiers
Dear crypto community around the world! New digital order says NO to war! It’s hard to believe that in the XXI century we still have to ask for donations to stop the war. But it’s happening right now. Crypto is for people who respect their freedom, value peace, and if we can use the new financial technology for good purpose, let’s do it! The BTC-Alpha team created the ‘Alpha for Ukraine’ cryptocurrency donation fund to help everyone who’s trapped inside the war. We work with reliable volunteer communities and launch a charity fund. We collect charitable funds to provide medicines, humanitarian assistance and to support the defense of the country. Everyone can help to buy the essentials and tech tools, and also financially support the Ukrainian soldiers and all the victims.
"Alpha for Ukraine" accepts donations in BTC, USDT, ETH (the list of currencies available for donation will be extended soon).
You can also donate funds in fiat currencies to a special settlement account of the National Bank of Ukraine to raise funds for the needs of the army.
We ask all people who care to act now and help Ukraine in this difficult time!
Go to donations Sincerely,
Administration of BTC-Alpha